Full screen mode

Supported browsers
Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
While the simulation will run in the Safari browser, there are known issues that will have a negative impact on the user experience.

Body Interact™ Web Version doesn't work on mobile devices.
Please install the native iOS Body Interact app from the AppStore.




Please toggle between fullscreen mode and windowed mode. This will refresh the text components and the text characters will appear.

Body Interact's web version only runs on desktop and laptop devices. No mobile devices are supported yet.

When using a desktop or a laptop, loading issues might be related to caching problems or lack of memory. Please clean your web browser's cache and reload the page. Please also verify if you do not have too many web browser tabs or applications open.

Please check if Body Interact is running in fullscreen. Fullscreen mode will give you a better user experience.
Are you using the Safari web browser? Safari does not support fullscreen mode yet. If you are using a Mac Operating System please use Firefox or Chrome in order to use the fullscreen mode.
When Body Interact is loading, please avoid clicking the fullscreen button as it may cause unexpected app behaviour.
To move these objects, just click and drag them around. To zoom an object in or out, hover the object and use the mouse wheel while over it. To dismiss an object, click and drag it outside the screen. Another option to dismiss the objects is to click the "Bin icon" button next to the simulation time toolbar.